Dislyte Introduces its Beautiful Take on Mythology

The new mobile gacha game that blends characters from various mythologies with a clean anime aesthetic and electronic music is out now

Dislyte is a free-to-play turn-based RPG for Android and IOS devices set in an urban fantasy world where people called Espers can harness the power of deities and monsters from Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and the seldom-seen (but no doubt very profitable) Chinese mythologies. Developed by Shanghai-based developer Lilith Games (Soul Hunters) and published by the Singaporean company Farlight Games, Dislyte will see you gather a team of Espers in order to vanquish evil or take over the world.

As expected, Espers have different stats and belong to several elemental classes which have their own strengths and weaknesses. In the single-player mode, you’ll learn about the lore with your assembled team while you fight monsters and bosses to the game’s electro-pop soundtrack. The PVP mode is called ‘Point War’, where participating players can battle their Espers against randomly assigned opponents from all over the world. Team composition is vital here, there is likely to be a subreddit inundated with the current metagame favourites. This can all be automated, so you can grind while you attend to more urgent matters on your mobile device.

The future (2027) is looking bright

Arguably the game’s main selling point is its aesthetic. The Overwatch-esque CGI trailer features an Anubis-styled furry fandom member Naruto running down the side of a skyscraper and saving his cupid companion by dispatching his foe with a needlessly grandiose display of swordsmanship. It’s very anime, but that’s fine, anime is doing better now than it ever has. Stylistically, the emphasis on fashion, music, and rhythm brings Square Enix’s award-winning RPG The World Ends With You to mind, which also had a mobile release in 2012 (but had a far smaller roster of characters to play with).

It’s more ethnically diverse than most anime gacha games

This game, on the other hand, promises a large, growing cast of characters from different walks of life and mythologies. Whether you want cute, edgy, himbo, or refined, there’s sure to be a character design to suit your tastes, and perhaps ones to make you discover tastes you never even knew you even had (in-between the ones that might make you cringe). Regardless of their vibe though, they’re all dressed to impress. In addition, you are also able to unlock new music as well as characters. Gems you’ve bought or earned during gameplay are for trying your luck at getting Rare, Epic, or Legendary Espers using the Silver, Gold, and Platinum record players. Yes, you scratch the records yourself.

You can follow Dislyte for updates on content and fashion on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord.


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