Innovative Animated Adventure ‘Lost in Play’ Arrives This Summer

This point-and-click adventure game contains no spoken word but a lot of surreal humour and charm, and it’s coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch

Lost in Play is the upcoming 2D puzzle adventure brought to us by Happy Juice Games. It takes inspiration from modern-day cartoons like Gravity Falls to provide an experience that can be enjoyed by all ages. In pursuit of this inclusivity, the game doesn’t contain any speech or written language. Everything, from the narrative to your next goal, is communicated visually with high-quality animation. It’s like Mr. Bean but filtered through the eyes of precocious and imaginative children.

Lost in Play sees you play as the aforementioned children, Toto and Gal. Lost and in search of their home, they’ll have to overcome a lot of challenges in order to get back. The world they live in and the puzzles they solve are viewed through the lens of children brimming with wanderlust and wonder-lust. As a result, everything has fantastical elements and you’ll meet some pretty out-there characters like frogs, gnomes, and robot birds. Described as being “part Alice in Wonderland, part Monkey Island, and party Hey Arnold!” with a feel-good story, it’s designed to elicit feelings of nostalgia for your younger halcyon days.

Lost in Play promises:

  • A mysterious animated puzzle adventure with amazing, cartoon-style visuals.
  • Magical and magnificent creatures throughout.
  • No text or dialogue – everything is communicated visually in an endearingly universal way.
  • Inspiration from TV shows such as Gravity Falls, Hilda, and Over the Garden Wall.
  • Take part in a variety of uniquely creative activities; Play cards with goblins, create a dragon, and teach a sheep how to fly.
  • More than 30 unique puzzles and mini-games.

“We created Lost in Play to be the kind of experience that gamers of our generation can play in front of their kids. We wanted to use the spirit of the cartoons we all grew up watching to connect with the sense of adventure most of us enjoyed when we were younger we tend to lose touch with as we get older. Recapturing that magic is what we set out to do, and we hope players will enjoy finding the charm, the nostalgia, and the feel-good factor whilst they’re Lost in Play.”

Yuval Markovich, co-founder at Happy Juice Games

Check out the Steam page for more information!


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