Superliminal Receives Special Limited Release

The innovative puzzle game can now be solved on a Nintendo Switch cartridge (for a limited time)

Super Rare Games (Grapple Dog, The Gecko Gods, Super Rare Mixtape) are collaborating with Pillow Castle Games to bring the latter’s critically-acclaimed game a special, one-of-a-kind physical release on Nintendo Switch on May 5th.

For this release, there will be 3 different editions to choose from. In addition to the standard edition coming with all current content on the cart and an exclusive sticker, it also comes with a full-colour manual, interior artwork, and trading cards, that all depict the sumptuously coloured and modelled scenery from the game. The SteelBook edition has all that and a postcard and slipcover.

There will also be a collector’s edition that comes with a 32-page hardback miniature museum guidebook, a Superliminal pawn chess piece, 3 apple dice, and an optical illusion fridge magnet, all in a collector’s edition box with a lenticular lid. All editions are in limited supply, however: there are only 3,000 standard edition copies, 750 SteelBook copies, and 1,250 collector’s edition copies. If you want the prestige of owning one of these luxury items, or the knowledge that you did your bit to preserve physical media in this age of digital manipulation, you’ll have to make a purchase swiftly when it goes on sale next week.


Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game that challenges your spatial awareness and ability to think outside the box. You play as someone who finds themselves falling asleep in front of their television during an ad for “Dr. Pierce’s Somnasculpt dream therapy program”. You abruptly awake to find yourself as a participant in the experiment, stuck in a dream world with only Dr. Pierce and his AI assistant’s voices for company. You’ll have to use all your wits to successfully navigate the dreamscape, with its disarming hyperrealism giving way to complete Inception-style reality distortion. If you’re a fan of other first-person mind-bending experiences like Portal and The Stanley Parable, you’ll be in familiar (and surreal) territory here.

In addition to the main single-player content, the game contains developer commentary, a challenge mode, and a multiplayer group-therapy mode, ensuring longevity longer after you wake up from the original dream.

Think outside the box. Become the box. Be overcome by the realisation of how many of your fellow boxes you have slaughtered in other video games. You monster.

Limited physical edition – on sale Thursday, May 5th, 6pm BST – exclusively at

Consider also checking out 2 Mello‘s take on Matt Christensen and John Reeves’ superb Superliminal soundtrack. 2 Mello is a prominent music artist responsible for bangers like his Jetset Radio-inspired Tokyo-To albums, and the soundtracks to games like Read Only Memories. Similarly to how the game challenges your perspective by having you flip objects of interest, Superliminal: The Lo-Fi Mix recontextualises the jazz from the game into something more low-key and consistently inviting. The album is a relaxing collection of tracks from the puzzle game, intended to be put on when you want to relax while you go about your life. You can listen to it on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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