Top 15 Most Useful amiibo Figures

Not all of Nintendo’s amiibo figurines were made equal. Some simply do a lot more than others across a lot more games. But based on the number of compatible games alone, which amiibo is best to pick up in 2022?

15. Ganondorf

The mighty wielder of the Triforce of Power only has one figure from his Super Smash Bros for 3DS and WiiU appearance but has been used in a large number of games for cosmetics and unlocks. He was most notably used for the extra hard difficulty in Twilight Princess HD which stacks on top of Hero mode, as well as in Breath of the Wild where he yields rupees, strong two-handed weaponry, and the sage sword used for his attempted execution in Twilight Princess. He will also allow you to invite the Ganon villager to your Animal Crossing New Leaf town, but he is unfortunately absent from New Horizons. He’s a great addition to any Zelda fan’s collection and sells for about £20 on second-hand markets

14. Sheik

The second Legend of Zelda amiibo to make the list is Sheik. Similarly to Ganondorf only the Super Smash Bros variant of this figure exists and it is quite tricky to find. Sheik unlocks extra weapons in Hyrule Warriors, like all Zelda amiibo, and gives the player her mask from Ocarina of Time as well as full restoring your health in Twilight Princess HD. Sheik sells for about £18 on second-hand markets

13. Samus

Surprisingly high up the list is the bounty hunter Samus Aran. Due to being one of the original amiibo she is compatible with a lot of the early games as well as her own outings in the Metroid series. A few variants of this figure exist, from her original Super Smash Bros figure, to the Samus Returns iteration and even a new one for Dread so there’s plenty to choose from. She is mostly used to unlock varia suit style cosmetics, a sound test in Samus Returns, and an extra energy tank in Dread. You can purchase the Smash Bros and Dread amiibo at RRP from the My Nintendo Store.

12. Donkey Kong

It’s on, like Donkey Kong! This amiibo will naturally see a lot of use across most Mario family titles as he has a Super Smash Bros and Super Mario series variant. This means he can be used across most of the Mario Party titles, unlocks a Mii Suit in Mario Kart 8, and is a trainable partner in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. DK does sit on the pricey side, costing at least £20 on the second-hand markets.

11. King Dedede

His Royal Nemesis King Dedede is up next, with both a Super Smash Bros and Kirby series variant he is usable across all Kirby titles (which there are plentiful amounts of). He grants instant access to an exclusive copy ability featuring the King’s hammer in Planet Robobot, puzzle pieces in Star Allies and a special hat and ability in Extra Epic Yarn. Both variants of King Dedede are in stock for RRP at the My Nintendo Store.

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