Orlando Bloom emerges as ‘Orlando the Nightshard’ in ‘King of Avalon’

The popular free-to-play mobile strategy game has Hollywood’s beau

Leading mobile developer and publisher FunPlus has announced that Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings, The Pirates of the Carribean) has been working closely with them to realise his character ‘Orlando the Nightshard’, the half-Unmelted new hero of Avalon. The strategy game, loosely based on Arthurian lore, will add a ‘blockbuster’ storyline featuring the character. Throughout the coming months, he’ll be playable with a customized storyline.

Orlando was once a renowned knight, That is, until his encounter with the Unmelted, the game’s stand-ins for White Walkers of Game of Thrones fame (or the Others from A Song of Ice and Fire, if you prefer). Upon being struck by a cursed ice blade, his right hand was infected, and to prevent his body from succumbing to the icy blight he cut it off. However, the curse was too powerful, and he found himself a warrior somewhere between a human and an Unmelted. Shunned by the people of Avalon, Orlando seeks purpose at Dragonsholme City.

Orlando the Nightshard probably has more dialogue with Frodo than Legolas does.

Here’s what the people involved had to say on the matter:

“We are honored to be welcoming a star with the talent and global reach of Orlando Bloom to the King of Avalon universe. The team has done an amazing job shaping this character and developing a tailored story that King of Avalon fans will love. We can’t wait for our community to discover Orlando the Nightshard and explore his history and abilities in-game.”

Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer of FunPlus

King of Avalon is an incredible world of lore and adventure with exciting characters like mine, who get to roam the lands and conquer different territories. At a time when games and movie characters are blurring the lines, it was cool to see my character, Orlando the Nightshard, come to life”.

Orlando Bloom, Heartthrob

It’s always interesting when an artist from other forms of media acknowledges the storytelling potential of video games. It will be interesting to see who next lends like their likeness to the medium, or maybe even this same game.

King of Avalon has reached over 100 million downloads and is free on Android and IOS. The game sees you build an empire from nothing by upgrading buildings, growing your army, and forging alliances with other players. Once per account, players can redeem $10 worth of content with the code “ORLANDO2022”, provided they have reached Lord level 16.

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