POST VOID Gets a Uniquely Special Release on the 21 July

Super Rare Games has teamed up with YCJY Games to release the frantic roguelike shooter on PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch eShop

POST VOID is a provocative retro-styled first-person shooter that attempts to evoke the FPSs of yesteryear with its 2D graphics, ultra-violent content, and high-score-based gameplay. Published and developed by YCYJ Games, it was released on Steam in 2020 to critical acclaim. And now thanks to Super Rare Games (Grapple Dog, go play it you cowards) you’ll be able to download it from both the Nintendo eShop and the Playstation store. This marks the first time Super Rare Games will be publishing a game on Playstation consoles, and it seems that we can anticipate more multiplatform releases from them in the future.

The Super Rare Originals catalogue looks promising. Check out their Twitter account for updates on their other games


POST VOID is a fairly simple game. You run and gun your way through procedurally-generated psychedelic levels, using every weapon at your disposal to get to the oasis at the end of the stage, receive a random upgrade, and continue the carnage. Fast gameplay is incentivised—your health (represented by the idol in your left hand) constantly depletes. You get it back by killing enemies, so any attempts at a pacifist run will end as soon as they begin.

POST VOID features:

  • Wavy visuals: POST VOID has a distinctive vintage art style that resembles a classic Doom-style FPS on acid.
  • Replay value: procedurally generated levels and random upgrades mean it’s unlikely any two runs will be the same. The pick-up and play gameplay allows you to play for as long or as short a session as you’d like. It’s like Hades, but on shrooms.
  • Optimisation: the Playstation and Nintendo Switch releases promise gameplay that’s just as tight on consoles as on PC. It’s like playing PC, but on consoles. And on salvia.
  • PS5 utility: the PS5 version will take advantage of the Dualsense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for added immersion. It will feel like you’re in a nightmarish k-hole from which there is no escape!

The game might potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. It’s pretty intense, so watch the video at your own discretion. Be careful and use POST VOID responsibly!


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