Strange Brigade’s Physical Release is Available Now

The pulpy action shooter will be available to play in a special physical format on Nintendo Switch (while stocks last)

Super Rare Games (Grapple Dog, POST VOID, Lone Ruin) has partnered up with Rebellion (Sniper Elite, Rogue Trooper, Never Dead) to immortalise 2018’s Strange Brigade in a special limited edition format for Nintendo’s handheld console. This is an opportunity to either add a valuable item to your collection (or perhaps start one), or perplex archeologists and anthropologists of the future by placing copies of this game in tombs, upon opulent ziggurats, or at the bottom of a fountain of eternal youth. Either way, you’ll be contributing to the preservation of physical media, which will allow us to transmit art into the future without worry of untoward manipulation.

There are approximately 5,000 copies available, of these 3,000 will be the (standard) limited edition copies and 2,000 Steelbook copies. These Super Rare copies of the game will come with a manual, exclusive sticker and 3 randomly selected trading cards featuring official art of characters from the game. You can also expect all currently released media to appear on the cartridge, which includes extra campaign missions, playable characters, skins, and weapons packs. In addition to this, the Steelbook version also comes with a postcard and a pretty cool-looking slipcover. You can buy the trading cards separately on the website for £3.00 per booster pack.

They will be available worldwide exclusively at up until they inevitably run out, at which point it will be up to your descendants to unearth them from the tombs of the fortunate few who acquired them in this life*.

About Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade is set in 1930s Egypt and sees you take control of the eponymous group of adventurers as they battle the forces of Seteki the Witch Queen after she resurrects from her 4,000-year entombment. In this pulp adventure-inspired third-person shooter, you’ll be battling hordes of zombies, mummies, and other supernatural monstrosities in between solving puzzles and finding treasure. You can do this either solo or in 2-4 player co-op that be played locally or wirelessly.

You can test out the Strange Brigade’s arcane abilities and powerful prototype weapons in additional game modes too. Score Attack sees you aim to dispatch enemies in as quickly and stylishly a manner as possible, while Horde mode requires you to survive against an endless onslaught of enemies until they inevitably claim your kneecaps, your soul, and your wallet.

*We here at Underlevelled do not condone colonialism, graverobbing, or the general defilement of people’s property or culture. Unless you’re doing it to evil warlocks or goblins or something. Fuck those guys.


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