‘Super Rare Mixtape Volume 3’ Revealed, World Peace Temporarily Achieved

Super Rare Game’s latest compilation of games comes out on May 26th for Windows

Publisher Super Rare Games have once again assembled a curated selection of indie games for their latest ‘mixtape’: Super Rare Mixtape Volume 3. The aim of the release is to increase the visibility of indie developers and their games, while also furthering SRG’s goal to preserve games in physical media wherever they can. The games that made the mixtape demonstrate the depth and breadth of an indie developer’s originality and creativity, while also providing a wide variety of genres for people to experience. The games on the tape vary: there are intense platformers, low-poly horrors, tactical games, classic RPGs, wholesome exploration games, arcade-like games, and even Dink Smallwood, a 1998 RPG that inspired huge games like Borderlands and Baldur’s Gate.

As with the previous volumes, the games will come on a stylish cassette-shaped USB that simultaneously evokes old-school music production and classic romantic gestures. This one’s a verdant green and comes with 30 games, 6 demos for upcoming indie titles, and a built-in custom launcher that makes it easy to play. It also has several bonus features in the form of 24 concept art galleries and 7 developer commentaries. This will all come wrapped up in a slim collector’s box that houses a full-colour manual that has a dedicated page for all 36 games in the tape. You can purchase it worldwide exclusively from the SRG website.

The games available on the mixtape are:

  • After Midnight
  • Birdsong
  • Bonkers
  • Commuting
  • Dank Tomb
  • Die in the Dungeon
  • Dink Smallwood
  • Estigma
  • Finterior Decorator
  • FurnCap
  • Gone Wandering
  • Hot Pot Panic
  • Inferna
  • It’s Paper Guy!
  • Jayce
  • liminal ranger
  • Only Casette Coloring!
  • Palmystery
  • Pocketon Peak
  • Saucy Boy Adventures
  • Seaway
  • Slide in the Woods
  • SpaceScape
  • Spectrum Valley
  • The Telwynium
  • Ugby Mumba 3

The demos are as follows:

  • Dorfromantik
  • Esse Proxy
  • Lost Nova
  • Pompom
The RGB trinity is finally complete

Be warned: there are only 2,000 copies available, and the first volume sold out in 5 hours. If you want this in your collection, you’ll have to be swift. Don’t be too stressed though, these games will still be available online in some capacity, just in a fundamentally less cool and less historically significant format that won’t survive Skynet’s ascension to power.


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