Every Dog has its World with this Special Release!

The world lies in ruin. Humanity is all but destroyed. A duplicitous, all-powerful AI called Daddy is your only source of guidance. Yet the world is populated by doggos, so already civilisation in Dogworld looks way better than the one in ours.

And thanks to Super Rare Game’s partnership with Lateralis, these dogs will be coming physically* to the Nintendo Switch. Only 3,000 copies total will ever be printed and in your copy you can expect a cart with all currently available content, a full-colour manual (you don’t see enough of those these days), interior artwork, exclusive sticker, and immaculately designed trading cards. This all comes in a striking case that would make a welcome addition to any bookcase. You can order these limited edition copies from superraregames.com from the 28th October at 6pm BST, but again don’t delay, they’re a Super Rare breed!

The lovingly rendered 1-bit graphics are coloured in black, white and red, giving the game a distinctive aesthetic reminiscent of Downwell, Undertale, or a far less visceral Mad World. With elements of both explorational 2D Metroidvania shooters and action-platformers, you’ll shoot, slide and jump your way through a charming, mysterious, and perilous world fraught with carnivorous canine monsters and wholesome good boys.

You’ll be rewarded for your adventuring with new weapons, upgrades for those weapons, encountering fun bosses, and the opportunity to make new furry friends! What’s more, there’s an engaging narrative with legitimately compelling characters.

Also, yeah, you can pet the dogs! <3 You can check out footage of the game on youtube. For more info, visit the Super Rare Games website or check them out on Twitter!

*Regrettably, the physical copy of Dogworld does not actually come with flesh and blood puppers. 🙁


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