Los Angeles’ Delightful Harry Katz and the Pistachios — NEW SINGLE OUT NOW— “Oh Yes”

Credit: Lee Citron

Happy-go-lucky surf rockers Harry Katz and the Pistachios are sexy as funk, there’s no doubt. Harry’s Tom Waits-like gravelly vocals and the big band sections aren’t something you see every day. Harry and the band promise to provide good vibes with this retro-inspired sound. This is a project born when the world slowed to a crawl and finally allowed creatives to sit back in the studio and hammer out those passion projects the world was too busy to let them realize. Originally from Yonkers (New York), Harry grew weary of playing bass in a punk rock band, so he hitchhiked across the US with a pocketful of songs. The songs attracted like-minded individuals and then grew into something truly special.

‘Oh Yes’ — out on the 22nd of February — is the first single for Harry Katz and the Pistachio’s first full-length LP. It’s about affirmative consent, saying yes to love and life, expressing yourself and your intentions and feelings. The song has what Harry jokingly calls “a bad off-broadway feel” and comes paired with a beautifully-shot music video featuring Harry and his backup singers. “It’s a love song in the modern context of encouraging communication through every turn,” Harry says, “It’s the trust that makes the love real.” For our US fans, Harry Katz and the Pistachios will be celebrating their upcoming album release with a local residency. The 10-piece band will be performing every Wednesday in March at the Silverlake Lounge, so if you’re local you should try to come along.


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