Super Rare Games Levels Up with New Super Rare Shorts!

In a stunning development, Super Rare Games have revealed a new opportunity for indie game developers with their newly published label – Super Rare Shorts! 

The current situation with the world has caused gaming to become a lot more prominent in almost every household across the globe and as many of us know, it can be quite difficult to be seen in an oversaturated market. This large demand for more and more projects to be released by developers means that projects can often get lost in a sea of both smaller and larger ventures. This makes it seemingly impossible for developers to share their art with larger audiences. 

This is where Super Rare Shorts come in! 

So what exactly is Super Rare Shorts? To put it simply, Super Rare Shorts is a brand-spanking new label that will specialise in the distribution of physical-only games, making this a huge leap forward for the beloved indie games that we have seen flooding the digital market. Games under this label will have no digital release at all. That means no Steam and no digital releases. Coming only to the Nintendo Switch, these titles will only ever be available in this exclusive format, provided with all the stellar quality assurance we’ve come to expect from Super Rare Games.

Super Rare Shorts‘ first title will be from developer Glass Revolver

By working with this label, indie developers such as Glass Revolver (creator of ITTA, House of God) can now release their upcoming titles exclusively and physically for the first time! The first of which is an upcoming title from the aforementioned Glass Revolver, which will be available in a preorder window of a month, later this year. There will be an initial printing of 5000 copies, meaning fans can nab a copy as soon as the window opens, and any additional orders will be shipped around a month after the window closes for good.

Coming from one of the most prominent physical indie games publishers, this venture promises to bring big changes to the gaming world. Super Rare Games have worked with over 50 developers over three and a half years, allowing indie developers to indulge in the mass-market appeal of having a high-quality physical release. This new label aims to provide that same benefit to smaller projects that might otherwise not see the audience they deserve with the current state of online distribution. A big opportunity for up-and-coming developers and indie veterans alike, this project is working on multiple shorts games which will feature smaller games and promising prototypes which before this, would have likely never seen the light of day.

Super Rare Shorts is a label that is happy to take a chance on smaller projects, unlike many of the current indie publishers who pass up these pretty sweet opportunities, in favour of high-profit titles. This is amazing news for fans of the indie genre, with more chances to find your new favourite passed-time; this will also help fund new projects from the developers you will find and love. Needless to say, these releases will be a fantastic addition to any physical games collection too!

It looks like we can expect to see multiple releases coming under the Super Rare Shorts label with multiple Shorts games currently in development.

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