SteamWorld Gets Physical With Switch Releases, Celebrating It’s 10th Anniversary!

Physical releases of Indie titles are few and far between, but today we can announce a twin release to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the start of the SteamWorld series! These beloved indie titles have spanned several genres from turn-based-strategy to metroidvania platformer to rpg, and have been purely digital, until now. Indie Switch publisher Super Rare Games have partnered with Image & Form to release two titles from the series, SteamWorld Dig and Steamworld Heist, physically to the Nintendo Switch for the very first time.

Steam World Dig goes Physical!

Available for preorder from July 9th, 6:00pm BST, the 2013 installment SteamWorld Dig will be available worldwide. This platforming adventure game implements influences from the Metroidvanian genre and includes a whole lot of mining fun. In a great world inspired by Steampunk and Western themes, you will be playing as Rusty, a mining steambot. Coming across an old mining town in desperate need, you will make your way through the old earth, finding yourself gaining riches, uncovering secrets and terrors, all whilst discovering an ancient threat, lurking below. Each world being randomized, this is a great way to have hours of enjoyment and will not get old quickly! A great addition to your collection, this hit will be available physically, whilst also including a big treat of Dig 2 on the same cartridge! Make sure to get your hands on this fabulous release for only £30, but be quick as there will be only 5,000 copies worldwide!

Watch the Heist Trailer!

SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition, an upgrade from the 2015 title is also available to preorder from July 9th, 6:00pm BST. Heist takes place a few centuries after Dig 2, and it is up to a lively crew of steambots to make their way through procedurally generated levels of enemy spaceships, boarding, looting and shooting on their journey. With strategy and skill, it is up to you as their captain to take on challenges of the frontier, upgrading your recruits with unique abilities, weapons, and maybe the best bit – stylish hats! Coming fully optimized for the Nintendo Switch, this Ultimate Edition includes extra content which was previously only available as DLC. This content include a mysterious ally, an array of weapons, upgrades, hats and missions! With a catchy soundtrack by Steam Powered Giraffe, over 15 hours of playtime (followed by New Game+!) and ultimate precision with optional touch controls, this is surely to provide you with a truly out-of-this-world adventure! With only 6,000 copies available worldwide, and at the small fee of £30, this is surely to make a grand addition to your collection!

As well as the individual copies of these games, you can also find a collectors double-pack which will also be available to pre-order for £60. All copies will be available exclusively at, and will be ready to ship soon after being available to pre-order so you wont have to wait too long to dig your way into these indie classics. As an additional feat, all releases will come with a full colour manual, gorgeous interior art, an exclusive sticker and 3 randomly selected trading cards from a 5-card set!

All in all we’re glad to see more indie games getting physical releases and these well beloved games would be excellent additions to anyone’s Switch game library. Check out Super Rare Games’ store here to see their full range of releases available to buy right now as well as more updates for future releases.


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