8 Last Minute Gifts for the Geek in your Life UK [Affiliated Content]

With Christmas coming up this month thoughts inevitably turn to gifts, but what if you’ve got a geek to buy for and you just don’t have a clue? Or maybe time is running out? Well have no fear because right here I’ve compiled a list of easy win gifts for those geeks in your life. (Affiliate Links Below)

Star Wars The Child (Baby Yoda) Christmas Jumper £36.99

The smash hit live action Star Wars show “The Mandolorian” definitely has a few stand out characters in it’s roster. But none could dispute that The Child, or Baby Yoda as fans have taken to calling him has completely taken over as the face of the show. Now you can have that face plastered on your chest in licenced ugly Christmas knit form. Coming in sizes XS to 4XL this design from Numskull is perfect for any Star Wars fan but if that doesn’t appeal, then why not take a look at the rest of Numskull’s range on Amazon? They offer a super wide range of geek apparel, collectibles and accessories for all ages and franchises.

Anker USB 10 Port 60w Charger

Pretty much everyone needs to charge some kind of mobile device now, so why not gift something to help out with that? With 10 USB ports capable of outputting 2.4 amps your geek can make a charging station to service all their devices. Anker is well known for their high quality chargers and this one is sure not to disappoint.

Controller Charging Docks (Prices Vary)

If your geek is a console gamer then chances are they’ll have a wireless controller or two lying around. Make keeping them charged super convenient with a charging dock. Charging docks run double duty providing a nice place to store the controller while also keeping them charged. I’ve used charging docks with all my controllers for the last years and I cannot stress enough how convenient it is. There’s versions available for all the current and previous generation of consoles so it’s nice gift for a console gamer no matter what console they play on.

Nintendo Switch Joycon Dock
Xbox One Controller Dock
Playstation 4 Controller Dock

Remote Control Wifi Smart Plug £8.39 + £4.99 delivery

Home Automation is a fast growing trend right now. With voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home making their way into mainstream usage more and more people are hooking up their homes to be controlled through them. This is achieved by various means but by far the easiest and simplest method is these wifi enabled plug switches which let you turn your tech on and off through either a phone app or through voice assistants. The one I’ve linked to here is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home Assistant

USB Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter £7.69

While it’s true a lot of computers now will come with bluetooth built-in, that’s not always the case so here’s a little plug and play adapter that’ll give you compatibility with all bluetooth devices letting you pair with controllers and headphones alike.

Honestly not much more to say about this one, it’s just a useful little dongle to have!

The Book of Holding: Dungeons and Dragons: A Journal £14.99

Dungeons and Dragons has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last few years and this year’s circumstance have only made it even more so. Popular celebrities play the game now and there are entire tv and web shows based around watching people play campaigns. This Official D&D Journal is the perfect gift for the avid roleplayer in your life. Its grid paper pages are perfect for taking notes on their adventures or keeping track of characters or even just schoolwork. The inside cover is adorned with some nice art and there’s a pocket at the back for storing character sheets. Make this all you need to take to your next D&D session.

Motherboard Glass Chopping Board £14.99

Pretty much everyone will own a chopping board at some point or another in their life so why not let that chopping board be geeky? This novelty chopping board is made to look like a computer motherboard (a ZX-Spectrum board if I’m not mistaken) and is made from highly durable scratch proof glass. A perfectly practical gift for the geek in your life, even the packaging adds a geeky touch being made to look like the box for an electronics kit. If you know a geek who needs a chopping board, you can’t go far wrong here.

Gaming Socks £7.95 – £11.95

Keep your feet warm not only with the cotton of these socks, but also with the cozy nostalgia of these designs. The designs include Pac Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, PlayStation, Some Controllers and… Squares? I’m assuming that one is either a Rubix Cube or a game I’ve never heard of, either way despite what you might have thought as a kid socks for Christmas are amazing so keep your geek’s feet warm with these.

So there’s my 8 last minute ideas for you to buy for that geek in your life you’ve left a bit late. I hope this helps!


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