Murder is on the Menu in “Godlike Burger”

You can cook customers into cosmic cuisine later this month

Daedellic Entertainment has revealed that Liquid Pug’s black comedy business management/cooking/crime sim Godlike Burger is coming out on PC on April 21st! This game sees you play as the owner and chef of a burger bar in space. Always looking to elevate his craft and carve a new niche for himself in the highly competitive space-hospitality business, he explores new flavours and textures by massacring his customers and turning them into his innovative dishes.

Unlike Overcooked, the popular multiplayer gastro-gaming experience that had players cooperating in the kitchen only to get overwhelmed by foot traffic and see their real-life relationships get irreparably damaged as a result, Godlike Burger wears its evil on its sleeve. Combining elements of games like the aforementioned Overcooked with the psychopathic gameplay of something like Manhunt, also means you’ll have to have excellent managerial skills to make it big in the galaxy.

You can’t just go on a rampage without repercussions. You have to gather your ingredients while avoiding the watchful eye of the law, lest they shut your business down and destroy your dreams of galactic gastro-greatness forever. This is made easier with the use of well-placed traps. If a juicy-looking crabman decides to go to the restroom, you can rest easy knowing that he’ll leave the ultimate tip. By using a variety of stealthy ways to procure a full pantry, you can cater to a wider variety of customers. The more customers you get, the more ingredients you get, and the more money you can spend on renovating your kitchen after closing hours. You can be a cleaver-wielding maniac too, if you want!

Use your earnings to invest in the latest kitchen equipment so you can better serve your customers and better serve your customers!

The galaxy is teeming with life and it’s yours to explore. Upgrading your kitchen and going to different planets allows you to interact with more species and be one step closer to achieving the perfect burger. If you’ve ever wanted to blow off some steam after playing either Overcooked, fantasized about visiting unspeakable evils upon your customers, or just like making burgers, I recommend checking this out. You can join the game’s discord here.


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