‘Flynn: Son of Crimson’ gets a Special Physical Release

The critically acclaimed action platformer gets a physical Switch release courtesy of Super Rare Games.

Super Rare Games have once again collaborated with a sensational developer-publisher duo to manifest a lavish physical release of an exceptional indie game for collectors. On this occasion, they’ve partnered with Humble Games and Thunderhorse Studios to bring Flynn: Son of Crimson to the Nintendo Switch. Copies go on sale from the 24th of May at 6 pm GMT at superraregames.com.

The game is a beautiful 2D action-adventure that sees you join Flynn and his faithful canine companion Dex as they go on a journey to save the beautiful island Rosantica after the magical barrier separating it from evil has started to weaken. Thrust into an adventure equal parts discovery and death-defying, Flynn will have to master the power of the Crimson Energy that his lineage affords him before his home is lost to evil. Accompanied by an immersive and emotional soundtrack by Jacob Linke, and with weaponry, magic, and doggo in tow, you’ll delve into The Scourge World and face the overlord at the heart of this darkness.

Flynn’s arsenal includes the crimson claws, which make him the best candidate for MCU Wolverine if this hero gig doesn’t work out

This release will include all currently available content on the cart(so the version 1.1 update which added quality of life adjustments, difficulty tweaks, and new game plus will come as standard), a full-colour manual, interior artwork, exclusive sticker, and trading cards featuring characters from the game. Regrettably, only 4,000 copies will ever be printed, but that will just make each copy that more special.


  • A lore-rich narrative with engaging characters
  • A stunning world gloriously realised in timeless, handcrafted pixel art
  • An immersive and captivating soundtrack
  • Dynamic platforming
  • Combos
  • Multiple difficulty settings and NG+
  • Exclusive Trading cards
  • Interior Artwork
  • Doggo
Dex is a Guardian Spirit of the Land and good girl that can be summoned in times of need to break walls and bust some heads

If you miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime release, you can still get the game digitally! Flynn: Son of Crimson is available on Steam, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course, the Nintendo Switch. Check out Super Rare Games’ store to see what other exceptional indie games they currently have available, or follow them on Twitter to remain up-to-date. I recommend Grapple Dog!

Me waiting for March 24th


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