Psychological horror ‘Sally Face’ to Recieve a Special Release

The murder mystery casting a shadow on the town of Nockfell can now be uncovered via a range of physical media.

Super Rare Games (the superhot indie publisher responsible for an extensive assortment of exclusive physical releases—including the Super Rare mixtapes—and their new Super Rare Originals digital releases, which includes the likes of Grapple Dog and The Gecko Gods) have partnered with Portable Moose to secure a physical release for the psychological horror game Sally Face for the Nintendo Switch

There will be several thousand copies available. This includes 3,000 standard copies, 1,500 collector’s editions and 500 steelbooks. Every copy will come with all current content in the cart, including all episodes of Sally Face as well as a full colour manual and interior artwork and trading cards(which you can purchase seperately from the website if you want the full set with minimum haggling). The collector’s edition also comes with an embroidered Sally Face patch, a Super Gear Boy pin, a soundtrack CD, 6 polaroid photos, and an A3 poster.

Sally Face is a story driven point-and-click adventure game about Sal Fisher, a boy with a prosthetic doll face. He and his friends find themselves investigating murders in the spooky town of Nockfell. With the help of Sal’s nifty handheld video game console (The ‘Super Gear Boy’), you’ll interact with the unsettling tenants of Addison Apartments, ghosts and ponies. The work of a solo dev, Steve Gabry infuses the game both visually and sonically with this disarming, ‘Lavander Town channeled through a metal music video’ energy. Directly inspired by 90s cartoons and Steve’s own nightmares, Sally Face has a distinctive look and feel reminicent of animated series like AAAHH!!! Real Monsters or anything by David Firth. It’s not all style though; both the game’s puzzles and provocative narrative will leave their marks on your mind.

All editions will go on sale worldwide from the 10th March at 6pm GMT. I’d recommend giving it a look. Unless you’re chicken. You ain’t chicken, are ya?

(Just so there’s no ambiguity, I’m not inferring you’d be comparable to the fictional depiction of a kaiju-annihilating chicken for giving Sally Face a miss, but rather a chicken that has succumbed to the Colonel’s secret blend of herbs and spices. A secret blend of herbs and spices called fear, you absolute coward!)

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