Kojima Productions Announces A New Project Is In Development

Source: Kojima Productions Twitter

The Japanese studio famously known for Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding posted an announcement on Twitter this morning that a new project was in development, along with accompanying job listings. It’ll likely be a while before any sort of concrete proof is given regarding what the studio is working on. Given that the studio is headed by the legendary Hideo Kojima, there’s no doubt that the final result will be a large, sprawling adventure that will leave players endlessly debating on internet forums and probably take months to fully understand.

The jobs listed on the Kojima Productions website are as follows:

  • Programmer
  • Artist
  • Game Design
  • Sound Design
  • Writer
  • Project Manager
  • Producer/Other

Every one of the listings are for Tokyo, meaning anyone wishing to make their dreams of working under Hideo Kojima come true will have to brush up on their Japanese-speaking skills as well as any that are relevant for the job.

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