Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition ‘SSS’ Pack Announced

Have a couple of hundred thousand yen and a need to look stylish? Capcom has you covered

Following the announcement of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition’s physical release date yesterday, Capcom has also revealed a bunch of goodies you can get along with the game, should you wish to go the extra mile.

Source: Capcom Store

Inlcluded in the pack are as follows:

-A t-shirt bearing unique designs found throughout Nico’s van

-A ‘screen art book,’ featuring 94 pages including visuals from the game and collaboration art. 

-A soundtrack CD focusing on Vergil’s themes

-A replacement jacket for the game that has yet to be revealed

Possibly the most enticingly of all, however, is a replica of Vergil’s jacket from the game, costing a whopping 600,000 yen which roughly equates to 4,376 British pounds and 5,701 dollars. It’s expensive, but in the words of Dante himself, ‘Is ¥,600,000 the price to pay for motivation?’

The RE engine used for creating Devil May Cry 5 involved scanning in real objects in order to craft the clothes and models, meaning that what you get is the real deal.

The Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition SSS pack is set to be released on Scheduled to be released on Tuesday, December 22, a couple of days later than the regular edition. For those who wish to order the extra goodies without buying the game, an alternate ‘SSS Goods’ pack is available on the website.

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