Kowloon Nights and Developers Surpass 150mm in Revenue

The international indie development fund that helped get ‘Sifu’ off the ground reaches new milestone and signs 8 new titles

Founded in 2017, Kowloon Nights is a source of production funding that aims to give developers the opportunity to create games while maintaining their independence. Today, the video game fund that has helped finance studios like Thunder Lotus (Spiritfarer) and Sabotage (Sea of Stars, the upcoming RPG prequel to The Messenger) has announced they have hit a new milestone—they have generated $150mm in revenue across their portfolio to date. The fund’s incredible success puts a spotlight on and promotes their foundational values: fair terms, a developer-first approach, and a focus on supporting studios in their self-publishing efforts. These values mean associated developers will be able to keep their IP rights, receive recognition for their work, and maintain creative control, among other things.

To cap off the announcement, eight new projects from the likes of Aggro Crab, Kitfox Games, and League of Geeks have been added to their portfolio. This is an impressive showing considering Kowloon only threw their hat into the international stage in 2018.

Sloclap was able to be their own master on Sifu with help from Kowloon Nights

“Kowloon’s vision was to fundamentally change the way games are funded,” said Alexis Garavaryan, CEO of Kowloon Nights. “This milestone demonstrates the validity and sustainability of a model that offers fair terms to developers while also putting the creators first and ensuring that players remember the names of the incredibly talented developers behind the games.”

In the developer’s own words:

Aggro Crab:  Aggro Crab is an unprofessional game studio and menace to the industry. Based in Seattle, WA, we make punchy stylized action games with a satirical twist. We previously released Going Under and are currently working on our secret second project!

Chasing Rats Games:  Chasing Rats Games is an indie studio based in Montreal developing games that stand out due to their audacious art-style, distinct gameplay and original multiplayer elements. We have recently launched Struggling and are currently hard at work on Worship, a cultist-themed take on the roguelike genre inspired by Pikmin!

Fire Hose Games:  Founded in 2008 in Boston, Fire Hose Games brings beauty and depth to the genres we love. Our current project is Techtonica, a factory building and automation game set in the bioluminescent, cavernous depths of an alien planet.

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