Unique Alchemic Adventure ‘The Serpent Rogue’ Releases Today

Ukrainian developer Sengi Games’ roguelike emerges from the darkness

Team 17 (the publisher behind acclaimed multiplayer FPS Hell Let Loose as well as Golf With Your Friends) has just released the open-world sandbox roguelike The Serpent Rogue on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The game sees you play as the mysterious alchemist ‘The Warden’—a plague-masked resident of the lands surrounding Mout Morbus— that seeks to purge their home of the titular rot, ‘The Serpent Rogue’.

The game has you exploring the gothic medieval fantasy world The Warden calls home in search of ingredients for the concoctions you’ll be crafting. As you can imagine, your roads, whichever you choose, will be beset on all sides by threats of all sizes. The Warden is well-equipped to handle them, however. Boasting the abilities of half the cast of Square Enix’s JRPG Octopath Traveler, The Warden can either battle enemies the traditional way, utilise their potions for a variety of effects (explosives, medicinal purposes, shapeshifting), or tame the local wildlife so they can fight on your behalf.

The Serpent Rogue promises both agency and consequence. How The Warden conducts themself will affect the larger world. Food left unattended will attract animals and vermin, while corpses left undisposed will likely ensure a ghoul won’t be too far away in the future. The choices won’t just affect you, but the citizenry as well, and the totality of your decisions in-game will decide whether you are a hero or a villain.

The discord is here. You can also purchase The Serpent Rogue Original Soundtrack on Steam!


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