HoYoverse drops new Interlude Teaser for Genshin Impact v3.0 update!!!!

**This article may contain slight spoilers. just FYI**


I woke up this morning to find my phone exploding with reactions to the new ‘Interlude’ teaser for Genshin Impact, showing off what is going on elsewhere in Teyvat while Travelers are getting ready for the 2.8 content. And oh boy, do we have some juicy new things to talk about.

The teaser seemingly takes place in the icy country of Snezhnaya. The homeland of the Fatui (the main bad guys throughout Genshin Impact) and focuses heavily on the Harbingers, the Fatui elite, who are 12 of the strongest members of the organisation. From the trailer, we can see that 9 of the 12 members — now reduced to 10 — gather to mourn the passing of one of their own.

That member was Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, also known as La Signora, who was struck down, in shockingly epic fashion, by the Raiden Shoguns following an awesome fight with the Traveller.

The teaser shows key visuals (which look absolutely stunning!) of each of the Fatui Harbingers who have not yet been seen, most notably Pierro who narrates the teaser in front of a chess board. This chess board contains the Anemo and Geo Gnosis that the harbingers got from the Archons, Venti and Zhongli. In addition, we see a few chess pieces knocked over and a familiar-looking, fiery butterfly that we see around La Signora, probably hinting that she won’t be coming back.

Another visual I loved was the group shot of each of the 9 members gathered around a table and we can really get a good look at what we may be up against in the future. My fave is Sandrone, ‘The Marionette’, who looks to be carried around on a “thing” that resembles the Ruin Guards also seen throughout the game.

At the end of the teaser, we have a very cryptic conversation with Dottore (‘The Doctor’) about a Segment off doing an experiment in Blasphemy and really nice visual of him by a giant burning tree. Then cut to Collei (Collei being one of the new Dendro Vison users of Sumeru who we will be getting in v3.0) waking up in a shock, questioning whether that was a dream or not. Was that a hint of what’s to come in v3.0 Archon quests?

As well as that Teaser trailer, HoYoverse also posted the official character images for a few more Suemru characters that will be available. As mentioned, Collei will be a Dendro bow user but you also have Dori who is a Sumeru merchant (another of my faves) and from potential leaks, we know that she will wield a claymore, or to be precise, her pink squishy genie will the one swinging the claymore. Finally, there is Tighnari with its really colourful design and funky ears.

What a good morning for Genshin Fans!!

Let me know your favourite parts of the teaser or what you think will come in the 3.0 update. As for now, Pre installs for the 2.8 patch are live so get to downloading!

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