Minecraft’s Steve Rocks the Block into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In todays livestream Nintendo has revealed that the playable character Steve from Minecraft, the best selling game of all time, is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the second character in the second DLC pack. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can either build to your hearts content in creative mode or battle to survive in an endless world, facing the monsters that come out at night in Survival Mode. Originally releasing in 2011, Minecraft has quickly become the best selling game with over 180 million units sold across all platforms.

Steve is not alone, he also has several different costumes!

Steve is not alone however, he is also bringing along Alex, a Zombie and an Enderman as alternate costumes, similar to how Bowser Jr can switch to any of the Koopalings, along with all the charm and personality you’d expect from these blocky characters. Steve fights by building blocks around his foes and crafting different tools and weapons he can retrieve by mining the stage. The damage dealt is likely to differ depending on the materials as they do in the base game.

Steve also utilises the Elytra in Smash Bros!

Steve of course comes with his own score of music from Minecraft so hopefully we get some of the classic C418 songs in there with some remixed more upbeat varients to keep the momentum going in battle. He also of course brings a stage with him which has many different elements containing different biomes and block setups. It is unknown at this time if this will be randomised or a set amount but the variety this stage brings on its own is sure to keep battles interesting.

Steve and Alex riding in Minecarts, a staple of any Minecraft world!

So what do you think of Steve’s inclusion in Minecraft? Are you going to buy the fighters pass now that he is included? Let us know below and let us know what you thought of the crazy reveal trailer too!

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