Just in time for Halloween, Darkwood is the new, spooky physical release from Super Rare Games!

The last of this year’s confirmed releases from Super Rare Games has been revealed today; Darkwood from Acid Wizard Studios and Crunching Koalas. Previously released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019, this unique survival horror title is getting it’s own limited physical release this month.

Darkwood offers a different take on the survival horror genre, taking a step back from the jump scares you see rather too often now. Presented in a top down perspective, it gives the player a unique overview of the environment. Darkwood aims to scare through the inherent horror of the situation.

Left to your own devices in a large open world, you must explore an ever changing environment by day, scavenging to survive before hunkering down in your hideout to wait out the night. Play through the game by progressing and gaining skills by extracting a strange essence from the mutated creatures inhabiting the world to inject it into yourself. It’s necessary to progress but be careful, this can bring unseen consequences. Speaking of consequences, Darkwood features a constantly changing, persistent world and every choice you make is permanent, effecting you as well as the other inhabitants of Darkwood. Every time you return to the game, you’ll see different stories unfold based on your previous actions.

If you’re looking to add a new physical release to you library for Halloween you can’t go wrong with this chilling horror title.
A very limited release of only 5000 copies will be going on sale October 8th at 6pm BST (10am PT/1pm ET) for approx £27 ($31 USD/33€) plus tax and shipping exclusively at superraregames.com.


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