Umbrella Corp surfaces at local shop amid global pandemic!

In the middle of this global pandemic that’s caused restrictions to be placed on all businesses, one small store in Llanelli, Wales has injected some light into the situation with their Umbrella Corp themed hand sanitizer dispenser.

David James-Turvey, owner of Retrobution game shop in the Llanelli Indoor Market definitely saw the irony in making his dispenser themed after the notorious biological weapons manufacturer from the Resident Evil series. You could say that his creation adheres to Umbrella Corp’s company motto of “Preserving the Health of the People” much more than the fictional company ever has.

David himself had this to say when we reached out to him:

“I needed to get a sanitizer station but the market council didn’t have any that I could put near the entrance and online they were £100+ for a stand so I got a touch-less sanitizer unit that is to be fixed to a wall and wood I had at home and made my own. Tools I used are ones I use to make Arcade machines, the black sign is from a cutoff from a material I used for a monitor bezel. The graphics I had customized and cut out of vinyl. I am a huge Resi fan so thought I’d add a Resi theme that would suit the shop and also a tongue in cheek humour, featuring the Umbrella Corporation to bring some humour to a restricted shopping experience”

We can’t help but respect and praise the effort that’s gone in here to get the store open and safe for the customers while staying on brand the entire time. On top of the sanitizer station there are brand new barrier screens (hand-built by David of course) on the counter and the store now takes card payments to help you stay contactless with your purchases.

That effort carries on to all aspects of the store and you can see it in the decor, the excellent quality home built arcade machines and the top-notch service. It’s a great little store and well worth the visit if you’re in the area.
Have a look below for the original Facebook post from Retrobution and click through for more info on the shop.


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