Denver-Based Musicians Little Trips Release Their Second Single

TitledMidmorning Train To Amsterdam,’ the duo’s (Greg Laut and Jason Paton) second single features the debut of their mascot, the spaceman Larry Fury.

According to the band’s deep lore, Larry Fury picked up Little Trips’ demo whilst in space and after following the source of the music ended up crashing his spacecraft during his pursuit. It’s always fun to see creators conjure up their own characters and backstories to accompany their work because it gives it a more endearing, fleshed-out feel.

In addition to his appearance on the ‘Midmorning Train to Amsterdam’, Larry has appeared on the forthcoming Downhill to Paradise album cover, and also has a presence on the band’s social media space, managing their Twitter account, and even appears in person at Little Trips’ shows, dancing and partying with the people of this planet who are no doubt down to get jiggy with the spaceman.

The music video features the humorous interactions between Larry and his human companions

The music’s lyrics were written about European travel, based on Greg Laut’s experience with inventing diverse backstories for his fellow travelers.

“’Midmorning Train to Amsterdam’ is a character study of a wealthy socialite traveling throughout Europe” Greg explains. “The type of person who lives the life of luxury but also thinks of themselves as a
revolutionary, flipping through Leon Trotksy books while lounging on nude beaches, slightly stoned.”

Co-produced and mixed by Drew Vandenberg, ‘Midmorning Train to Amsterdam’ is a chill, easy-to-listen-to track that’s just nice to close your eyes and listen to, effortlessly conjuring imagery of spacemen floating nonchalantly through an ethereal landscape. Either that or just nice imagery in general, really. It’s also quite danceable as well!

To see more of Little Trips’ work, check them out here:

Their website



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