Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Confirmed by Capcom

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Tonight’s PlayStation 5 livestream brought us a couple of surprise reveals such as Final Fantasy XVI, but perhaps the most stylish was the long-rumored Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, an updated version of last year’s stellar hack and slash epic that saw a return to form for the franchise.

Devil May Cry 4 receieved a special edition in 2015, 7 years after its initial release, with added features such as new playable characters. Fans of the series have been speculating on a release of the same vein for Devil May Cry 5, with the most notable part of the wishlist being a playable version of Vergil, Dante’s twin brother and arguably the series’ most popular character.

Now, with the arrival of the next generation of consoles on the horizon, Devil May Cry is set to make its transition over to the other side with a couple of additions fans are sure to be pleased with. The Special Edition will be available for the PlayStation 5 on release, with the option to download it as DLC for the PS4, Xbox One and PC at a later date to be confirmed.

Playable Vergil

With his deadly Yamato blade and a whole host of combos up his sleeve just begging to be experimented with, the older Son of Sparda makes his grand playable return in the Devil May Cry 5 special edition. He has been playable on the PC release of the game for some time thanks to modders, albeit in an unfinished state, but now we will finally get an official, honest-to-goodness new playable incarnation of the cold, ruthless Son of Sparda with a penchant for poetry and slicking his hair back with rain and blood. Given that his boss fight in the game already incorporates familiar moves such as the Judgement Cut and Rapid Slash, it’s pretty much a safe bet that they will be usable in combos, along with favourites such as Air Rave and Rising Star.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode is, as the name implies, an optional mode that speeds up the game by up to 20%, pushing players’ skills to the limit with much faster gameplay. Devil May Cry 5 did not feature turbo mode on launch which upset fans that were used to playing the game in such a way, but now with the Special Edition they should be satisfied.

Legendary Dark Knight Mode

Are the snarling gangs of demons to slice up just not cutting it for you? Do you want to be able to fight about fifty on screen at once? Well you’re in luck because Devil May Cry 4’s Legendary Dark Knight mode is making a return, sure to bring hours of fun and frustration as profanities are inevitably screamed whilst enemies such as Furies harass the less able players who struggle enough with them on the lower difficulties.

Ray Tracing

One of next-gen’s biggest selling points is apparent here, as the Special Edition features ray tracing, allowing DMC5’s already beautiful graphics to truly shine. The shadows look more dynamic, and the puddles, oh my god the puddles! Vergil’s slicked-back locks have never looked better, either.

With the release mere months away, it’s a great time to be a Devil May Cry fan, and also a perfect time to jump in with the series’ frantic antics and stylish combat for newcomers. For many players this has been long overdue, and for others this is content that should have probably been included in the game to begin with. Either way, the months of hope and speculation have finally paid off and the power-hungry sibling is finally here with a heap of new toys to play with. Are you excited to get your hands on the Special Edition? Let us know!

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will be available digitally on launch day for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, on November 12th, 2020. A physical version and a DLC release for the previous generation will also be available at a later date.

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