Evocative Platformer Creaks Gets Limited Ed. Physical Release

From the developer Amanita Design (behind such titles as Machinarium, Samarost and the upcoming Happy Game), the absorbing puzzle-platformer Creaks re-emerges with style. The kind folks at Supe Rare Games are giving you an opportunity to obtain a physical copy of the game for the Nintendo Switch. This physical release will contain all currently available content on its cart, as well as a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and a random selection of 3 out of 5 potential trading cards.  Among the 5000 physical copies of Creaks available (mo’ like 4999, get rekt nerds), there will be 2000 SteelBooks for the baddest of collectors (really, 1999, suck it dweebs)

Contrary to the name, the game is not about the sound my bones make with every movement of my vitamin D deficient, 20-something year old body. You play as a man, who one night finds his light flickering and dying. In the darkness, he finds that a part of his room’s wallpaper has peeled off, leading down a hole into an expansive, whimsical residence fraught with whimsy, mystery, and danger. You get what you pay for when you rent, I guess.

Over the course of your journey deeper into the structure, you will find yourself immersed in engaging puzzles, interactions with oddball (and bird-brained) characters, and encounters with monstrous furniture. Rendered in Amanita’s familiar, hand-painted picture book graphics, and accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack by Hidden Orchestra that manages to consistently hit a balance between providing a haunting atmosphere and supplying a funky rhythm, the game leaves a lasting impression.

Overcome quandaries and monsters to grab the secrets that lie at the heart of the mansion with your own two hands before the copies run out. I really hope one of them is cartilage, the noise my hip’s making is quite concerning. Suppose it adds to the ambience of the game, though.

Creaks for the Nintendo Switch is available worldwide physically from superraregames.com. Check the website for more info.


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