Skyward Sword HD, Splatoon 3 and more revealed in the latest Nintendo Direct!

For the first time in 530 days, Nintendo finally graced us with a Nintendo Direct which brought new information on a number of big titles and third party offerings. Here’s a selection of the highlights from the livestream!

Pyra and Mythra Join Smash Bros!

The latest addition for the second Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters pass was revealed to be Pyra and Mythra as one transformable fighter, akin to how Zelda and Sheik were in Melee and Brawl. While not as exciting as the previous announced fighters, a Xenoblade rep is a huge boost for the Xenoblade franchise and is sure to introduce even more people to the underrated JRPG title. They are due to release in March and will likely receive a breakdown video closer to launch.

Famicom Detective Club Collection

Coming to the west for the first time, Famicom Detective Club is an interactive visual novel where you take the lead in uncovering a murder mystery and a supernatural mystery with newly created visuals. These games were cult classics in Japan and have been highly anticipated in the west for 30 years. Famicom Detective Club will release as a bundle on May 14th on the Nintendo eShop.

Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom unveiled another trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, showcasing more story details, some of the fightable monsters and some new characters. Monster Hunter Rise is due to release alongside a special edition system, joycons, pro controller and amiibo on March 26th.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Following on from the success of Mario Tennis Aces, Mario Golf Super Rush was unveiled showcasing the same mechanics you know and love from previous entries but with a twist. In the game, you will have to race your opponents across the green with power ups to help slow down other players or speed your character up. On top of that, a fully fledged story mode is promised featuring the Miis with unlockable costumes for the Mario characters and your Mii. Mario Golf Super Rush is due to release on June 25th.

No More Heroes 3

The next installment from Grasshopper Software, No More Heroes III takes the series to a new extreme having Travis Touchdown now have to fight off an intergalactic threat using the power of his new and improved super glove. The usual zaniness from the No More Heroes franchise is highlighted and the pop culture references are very elaborately blended with the gameplay the series is known for. No More Heroes III is due to release on August 27th.


The 2016 sequel to Tomodachi Life, Miitopia is a HD remake of the 3DS title of the same name and features every major character as a selectable Mii from your host of created Mii’s. This allows you to blend any creations into an RPG adventure. The series is known for random humour with your Mii’s and has new additions such as make up and changes have been made for the Mii customisation from the original version. Miitopia is due to release on May 21st.

Animal Crossing New Horizons – Mario Update

Originally teased in the Mario 35th Anniversay Direct, the Super Mario Collaboration items have been fully unveiled for Animal Crossing New Horizons. These feature returning items like the Mario and Luigi clothes, the coins and even a Thwomp. But the most notable addition is the warp pipe that allows you to teleport to any location on your island assuming you’ve placed a warp pipe in two places, adding a new layer of creativity for the island design. The update is due to release on February 25th with the items being available from March 1st.

Project Triangle Strategy

The newest RPG from the team that brought us Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler comes project Triangle Strategy, a tactical RPG with decisions that impact the story in different ways from a system that tests your personality on important events in game. A free demo is being released and a feedback survey will be coming soon for players to give the developers an idea of the systems they enjoy, akin to the feedback system for Bravely Default 2 and Project Octopath.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Expansion Pass

Although nothing was directly shown, Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity has had its inevitable Expansion Pass announced, featuring new characters, extra story, challenges and weapons. It is currently unknown what these will be but several datamines of the game may give a rough idea of what could be included.

Skyward Sword HD

For its 35th Anniversary, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is being given the HD treatment with special joycons modelled after the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. With a difference in how the controls work, you are now able to play the much loved game using button controls only, or use the joycons in a similar, but different way than the original wiimote and nunchuck. With a notable change of an increase in graphic fidelity there is likely more to be shown before it launches on July 16th.

Splatoon 3

Finally, likely the biggest reveal of the event was another sequel for the Splatoon series. Splatoon 3 is set in the chaos driven apocalypse created from the Final Fest of Splatoon 2 in which Team Chaos sealed the franchises future. Featuring new weapons like the splat bow and returning favourites from the WiiU outting, Splatoon 3 is looking to be quite gritty and more rock inspired than the series routes and we are all for it!

The direct also showcased a large number of third party titles (too many to list here) but below I’ve attached the full direct for you to view. What were the highlights of this direct for you? Is there anything you are going to pick up? Let us know below!

Video game completionist and 3D platformer connoisseur, Riley is a fan of the whimsical frenzy of bright and colourful characters to bless us in the late 90's. Their favourite game's are Spyro, Persona 5 and Super Mario Sunshine.


Video game completionist and 3D platformer connoisseur, Riley is a fan of the whimsical frenzy of bright and colourful characters to bless us in the late 90's. Their favourite game's are Spyro, Persona 5 and Super Mario Sunshine.

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