Fantasy and Immersive Action for PlayStation this March!

This month’s PlayStation Plus titles have arrived, but which games are worth adding to your library? Check out our breakdown below!

Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

The biggest choice of the month is the well recieved remake of the classic PlayStation title Final Fantasy VII. This is more than just your standard remaster job however, it has been completely remade from the ground up with new plot elements, side quests, characters and developing the Avalanche and Midgar elements of the original into a more cohesive story. Combine that with a new action orientated combat system and improvements to the original materia system, it is a must play for Final Fantasy and ARPG fans. Please note that the PlayStation Plus version of this game will not be upgradeable to the PS5 port due to release later this year.

Farpoint (PSVR)

Sony Interactive’s VR title Farpoint is also up for grabs this month, allowing you to take control of a person who has crash landed on a harsh alien planet. On this planet, the player will need to run and shoot their way through the monsters that live there in fast FPS action either alone or in co-op with another player. You’ll need to survive and get to safety using strategic stealth or full frontal assault to get past the formidable foes found on this strange world.


Releasing today, Maquette is a puzzle game in which a single world is repeated over and over with the farther you travel away from the center the bigger it gets and the more you push in, the smaller things appear. Using the size you can manipulate the area to solve puzzles such as using smaller obstacles in the even smaller worlds to build bridges or make traversing tricky areas possible.

Remnant: From The Ashes (PS4)

From Perfect World Entertainment comes Remnant: From the Ashes, a third person monster slaying shooter/beat em up set in a post apocalyptic world. Here you and two others must fight your way through levels defeating big bosses and strategically surviving in the harsh environments the game throws at you. The game boasts challenging gameplay with varied weapons and strategies that you can utilise to make subsequent playthroughs feel fresh and unique each time.

Do any of these games appeal to you? Will you be downloading any this month? Let us know down below or tweet us @Underlevelled!

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