The Potential of a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

Gentlemen, we can bring him back. We have the technology.

Oh, Mass Effect. How I love thee.

Mass Effect is one of those franchises that’s seen some major peaks and valleys. The first entry in the trilogy struggled on a technical level due to various development issues, Mass Effect 2 made a number of concessions in regards to gameplay in an attempt to stand alongside similar titles of its time, Mass Effect 3’s finale was infamously affected by the insanely rushed development it faced, and poor Andromeda was passed down to an inexperienced studio who had to rebuild the game from scratch halfway through development. To say that Mass Effect has struggled would be a colossal understatement. Despite the immense love that fans have shown for it over the years, there’s no doubt the franchise is still a divisive topic to this day.

Despite the numerous struggles the franchise has seen however, I strongly believe that the original trilogy stands strong at the peak of the sci-fi genre across all media. The first Mass Effect is quite possibly the greatest introduction to a universe the genre has ever seen. Mass Effect 2 continued to set the bar for world building by telling some fantastic, and surprisingly small scale, character dramas that helped tie its world together. Mass Effect 3 simultaneously pushed the bar for the series in both gameplay and narrative beats, providing players with numerous moments that are easily at the peak of the series. Even Andromeda, despite its numerous issues, was a giant leap forward in terms of gameplay.

Unfortunately the series has been on something of a hiatus in recent years. There’s been little word from both the developers (Bioware) and the publisher (EA) on what the future has in store for this series. But if you are a fan of Mass Effect and you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you’ve more than likely heard mumbles and rumors here and there about the potential of a remaster for the original trilogy. This has been speculated pretty much since the eighth generation of consoles launched, but now it would seem that a number of leaks (the most recent of which being a “Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition Artbook”) have confirmed that the series will indeed be seeing something of a remaster soon.

So with all that’s happened over the years and how much time Bioware has had to cook up a proper product, what could we potentially see from a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster?

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