Nintendo Direct Mini – 20/07/2020

From seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo revealed a Nintendo Direct Mini focusing on partners and third-party developers, showcasing and providing details on upcoming releases for Nintendo Switch.

Firstly, Nintendo opened the direct showcasing three upcoming DLC packs for Brace Yourself Games’ critically acclaimed rhythm- roguelike Cadence of Hyrule, which was released in 2019. DLC Pack 1, released today, contains five playable characters in the form of Zelda mainstays Impa, Aria, Shadow Link, Shadow Zelda, and even Frederick the singing merchant, all with their own abilities. DLC Pack 2 is a song pack that contains 39 new songs and remixes from the Zelda series, and DLC Pack 3 contains a new story titled Symphony of the Mask in which you play as Skull Kid in a new map with the ability to change masks to gain new powers. These packs are to be released before the end of October which a special physical release with all DLC included scheduled to be released on October 23rd.

Secondly, Nintendo showcased Hi-Rez studios’ multi-platform third-person shooter Rogue Company, showcasing the multiplayer elements and stating that the Switch version will support cross platform play and save file transfer so players can transfer their save to play in handheld, even from another system.

Next, the party wrestling game WWE 2K Battlegrounds developed by Saber Interactive was shown, displaying a more loose and arcade-like approach to the sport. With 4-player local multiplayer as its primary focus, Battlegrounds looks to be perfect for taking advantage of the Switch’s unique capabilities of being turned into a portable multiplayer machine. The game is being released on September 18th.

Atlus brought two big surprises to this showcase. Firstly, the cult classic Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne was announced to be getting a remaster for the Switch and PS4 with a graphical overhaul in the Spring of 2021. Considering it’s not the easiest game to get a hold of in the current climate, this reveal was lauded by many and will surely draw in more fans to the series who never had a chance to experience the original. There are sure to be quality of life change to make the game much more accessible too but only time will tell.

And finally, Atlus ended the Direct with a bang, with new details on the long awaited Shin Megami Tensei V. After 3 years of silence, SMT fans have finally received new information with a stunning trailer showcasing new characters and a brief introduction to the themes of the game. And most importantly the game will have a simultaneous worldwide release in 2021, a first for this franchise.

And that just about covers everything revealed in the direct, is there anything you are excited for, or was this a disappointing line up for you? Let us know in the comments and see above for the full Partner Showcase!

Video game completionist and 3D platformer connoisseur, Riley is a fan of the whimsical frenzy of bright and colourful characters to bless us in the late 90's. Their favourite game's are Spyro, Persona 5 and Super Mario Sunshine.

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