Pokémon Presents 24/06 – Pokémon Unite Unveiled!

In the second major Pokémon announcement, The Pokémon Company has unveiled their newest free to start game: Pokémon Unite. This strategic team-based battle game is the result of their collaboration with Tencent outlined in 2019. The gameplay released as part of the announcement showcases 5v5 real time team battles in a multiplayer online battle arena format.

Players will compete in 5v5 real time battles!

Pokémon Unite plays similarly to most games of the MOBA genre, you enter an arena with your team mates and level up to try and take points from your opponent. Unite does this by allowing you to battle and capture wild Pokémon to level yourself up and even evolve in the arena then once you’ve reached a certain level you can unlock a very powerful move named a Unite Move which is unique to the Pokémon you have selected. A big difference to this game compared to the standard Pokémon formula, is the lack of type matchups, meaning that no matter what Pokémon you pick it won’t be outclassed by another type and gameplay will be more skill driven.

Pokémon Unite will launch free to start for both mobile and Nintendo Switch and will feature cross play between the two so you can even play along with friends who have a different platform to you. The release date is unconfirmed as of now but more details will be outlined later this year.

Watch the full Pokemon Presents down below:


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