Pokemon Presents 17/06/2020 : What’s New?

Today the Pokémon Company released the first of a series of reveals of upcoming software titles and features that are due to be released throughout the year. With Tsunekazu Ishihara presenting in front of a wall of Pokémon merchandise we learned about a number of titles. This included several mobile titles as well as new software for the Nintendo Switch.

Brush your teeth to save and collect Pokémon!

Keeping up with their recent success with mobile ventures, they have revealed that two new mobile titles will be released. The first of these being Pokémon Smile, a software companion, designed to help parents get their children to learn good habits of oral hygiene and rewards them for doing so with capturing Pokémon and other in game rewards.
Pokémon Smile is available right now for free and is sure to help many parents with Pokémon obsessed children.

A new way to befriend Pokémon!

Secondly for mobile they revealed Pokémon Café Mix for both Switch and mobile devices which is a unique “free-to-start” puzzle game with elements that involve swirling the Pokémon around to make cakes and other confectionery items (similar to the gameplay of Disney’s Tsum Tsum) and upgrade your café to hire on new Pokémon to work with you.

GO Fest is GOing digital!

Pokémon GO was mentioned, reminding us to look forward to a digital worldwide event in this year’s GO Fest, with tickets costing £15, that will allow you to get special research across the weekend of July 25th/26th to get the mythical Pokémon Victini.
It was also revealed to be having Mega Evolution added this year but no news on exactly how this will be implemented or if there is any cost involved but an exciting inclusion none-the-less!

Mega Evolution is on the way!
An N64 classic returns!

Getting into the Nintendo Switch titles, New Pokémon Snap has been shown in a beautiful trailer taking place in what appears to be the same island as the original Nintendo 64 title but with a massive graphical overhaul. The inclusion of Pokémon spanning all generations with countless new interactions such as Squirtle riding a Lapras and Scorbunny and Pichu sleeping on a Torterra make this a release sure to excite fans of the previous game.

Urshifu joins the fray!

Finally, the Sword and Shield expansion, Isle of Armour has been released today featuring 100 returning Pokémon—Galarian Slowbro and the new legendary Pokémon Kubfu, being available right now. To coincide with this, the mythical Pokémon Zeraora will be available to challenge in Max Raid battles with a gift of Shiny Zeraora being available to all players if one million players can defeat it in battle before the 28th!

Join the Battle and get that Shiny!

There’ll be another Pokémon Presents next week on June 24th so stay tuned for our coverage on that next week!

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